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Fear, resistance and struggle is all in your head. Your heart is the part with the courage and the wisdom. Live there. Act from there.
— Rhonda Hess

what my clients say

I met Marty my sophomore year at the University of Colorado. She came to speak at my sorority at a time when I was truly lost, hurting and struggling with every aspect of my life. After my first session I felt like a giant weight had been lifted and I couldn't stop smiling. With Marty's help, I was able to not only learn how to manage my hectic schedule, but how to appreciate and love myself. Over the years to come, Marty helped me with my stress, anxiety and the challenges I have faced. My relationships with my family and friends have grown stronger because of her. Marty's guidance and lessons still help me to this day and I wouldn't have reached the success I have without her. I am so thankful this wonderful woman came into my life when she did because I would be lost without her. 

Catherine Bogart
Sports Reporter


Marty was my very first experience with life coaching and I couldn’t have asked for more. She was immensely helpful and supportive regardless of my situation or circumstances. She provided many tips and tools that helped me feel like I could pull myself out of any rut. Marty’s presence is so calming and reassuring and it makes her so easy to talk to. She challenged me to ask hard questions about myself in order to improve my mindset and my confidence. I can’t thank her enough for all the support and love she’s shown me. I highly recommend her!

Lindsay Block
University of Colorado grad


Marty has been my most constant mentor and life coach through all of my college years. What a blessing to have a kind, strong, thoughtful, humorous woman to do life with. Marty's presence has both shaped and challenged me in my relationships, my spirituality and my future goals. Marty loves so well. I will forever be grateful for her support, guidance and encouragement.

Liz Dowgin
University of Colorado student

I have had the privilege of knowing Marty Nunez for more than 30 years. My niece, who attends CU Boulder, has been fortunate to have had Marty as her life coach. Kelsey is now a senior and I must say, she has thrived, largely in part to Marty’s influence and guidance in her life. Marty is gifted with the ability to listen, be empathetic and understand what this young generation is faced with. She has tireless energy and her true passion is to “come along side” these girls, to walk with them and truly launch them
to be strong, productive, self-confident women who know who they are. 

Cindy Beasley
Aunt of a University of Colorado Girl